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All of the social media folks that I’ve met and that I follow have one thing in common:  they’re tech people primarily, since early adopters of technology tend to be those who know the most about it.  I contend that you don’t have to be an early adopter to be an “expert” in anything, and that I bring a unique perspective to the new media landscape.

1) I KNOW MARKETING AND BRANDS – Not just from using them, but from working for them.  I’ve been in advertising and marketing for my entire career, so I know what I’m taking about and have put it into practice.  Companies like Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal, Revlon, BBDO and the U.S. Postal Service have received the benefit of my skills, expertise and passion during my professional career.  I’ve worked on traditional media (TV, print, outdoor), direct marketing (database, direct mail, telemarketing) and interactive marketing (websites, internet banners, e-mail newsletters).  Brand management activities like new product launches, concept development and consumer research also live in my professional arsenal, making me a great resource for nearly any business.

2) I KNOW SOCIAL MEDIA – Though not an early adopter of technology, I am a heavy user.  In my life I’ve owned 4 laptops (3 Mac, 1 PC), 2 iPods, 2 smartphones, 2 PalmPilots (back in the day) and a bunch of other neat devices.  My social networking profiles are complete and active, so I not only know how to utilize the latest applications, but I also know how other people integrate them into everyday life.  Running my own blog and building a few personal websites, I’ve become very familiar with Word Press, and I know enough about SEO, HTML and CSS not to hire an independent contractor.  How’s that for knowledge?

3) I’M KINDA SMART – The term “geek” is so passe, but I’ll take it.  For those who care about pedigree, my BA in English is from Yale.  That means that I can read a lot, understand it, and write a lot about it.  Having gone to an Ivy League school also makes me the kind of person who can analyze a great deal of information and re-communicate it with a logical thesis.  I also have my MBA from Duke, which makes me see the big picture like corporate managers.  Going to business school taught me how to love numbers and Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint  – OK, love is a strong word for PowerPoint, but I can use it really well.  And I’m a quick study, as evidenced by my knowledge of computer programming.  Self taught, thank you very much.

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