User-Generated Content and Social Media “Haters”

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Something is rotten in the state of the Internet.  It isn’t new, but it has gotten out of hand now that the phrase “user generated content” is being uttered by every two-bit marketing manager on Madison Avenue.  Every entity has its own website. (Yes, I have 2 and own a few more domain names, which only proves my point.)   And every news story, written thought, virtual fart has a section for comments.  As the thinking goes the “regular people” will potentially contribute great content, thereby sparking debate and inciting even more average folks to visit the original website.  The ability of Joe Neckbone of Anytown, USA to take part in a public debate is what makes internet community so wonderful, so democratic.  This democracy is also what makes social media so scary for brand managers.


“Wow. Why do you write as if you hate technology or refuse to use it well? A better question: why is CNET paying you to do so?”

Comment by  Thandelike who only has one comment, so she apparently signed up just to mean to the writer rather than to make an observant comment

Mob rule. Bandwagon effect. Groupthink. Herd mentality.

“The Psychology of the Internet”, Patricia M Wallace – we speak based on registers, which include location, social context. The internet has it’s own register, lexicon – casual, informal, anonymous so we don’t apply the rules of face-to-face contact.


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